Energy Consulting

"Cause there's no future without energy."

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Energy Audits

With input from experienced professionals in each of the areas of expertise needed to evaluate the technical systems in place, LGS ensures that energy audits are carried out to assess intervention needs to reduce costs and energy consumption while while promoting the efficiency and sustainability of your company or institution.

Energetic certification

As a requirement for most buildings, energy certification allows you to identify their classification. At the same time, it allows you to identify a set of measures that, if adopted, will improve this classification in the future.


Energy contracting

Choosing the best proposal for electricity supply to companies and institutions is not always an easy task for those who do not know the different variables present. At LGS we prepare the whole process of consultation, discussion and evaluation of the different proposals that each trader can present.

Energy efficiency

Identifying which measures can produce the best results in promoting energy efficiency in your company or institution is LGS's goal. By approaching each case as a unique case, in order to meet the specifics of each case, we provide you with the information you need to make the best decision.

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Applying for different funding instruments in the area of ​​energy and energy efficiency requires a set of specific knowledge that most companies and institutions do not have. As experts in these fields, we put this knowledge to your needs, meeting the technical requirements on which your application depends.

Engineering projects

At LGS we have a pool of experienced professionals who can meet the design needs of any engineering specialty.

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Technical and economic evaluation

In addition to the assessment of technical and technological solutions for energy projects, LGS has specialized financial consultants, capable of rigorously carrying out project evaluation, providing the economic indicators necessary to validate your decisions.