Photovoltaic Systems

“The energy of the future, where and when you need it.”


Networked Systems

Whether for self-consumption or for sale of electricity, photovoltaic systems connected to the electricity grid are growing exponentially.
Na LGS calculamos e projetamos o sistema que melhor responde às necessidades da sua empresa ou instituição, reduzindo custos e aumentando o seu compromisso ambiental.

Autonomous systems

When access to power grids is not possible, we design the system capable of meeting your energy needs, anywhere in the world, from the solar resource.

sistemas autónomos
projeto e simulacao de sistemas

Systems design and simulation

Whatever the size of the problem, from small systems to meet the needs of your business or institution, to large-scale production systems at LGS, we have the tools and expertise to simulate and design the right solution.

Technical Direction of Projects

Ensure the direction of photovoltaic systems projects, ensuring that the solutions implemented in the field correspond to the projected solutions, that the reception and packaging of materials and equipment correspond to each one's specific needs and that the best practices in their construction are adopted. the focus of LGS's intervention in the technical direction of projects.


Central commissioning

After building your PV plant, commissioning corresponds to the full verification of all technical requirements to ensure its correct operation. At LGS we ensure this verification in accordance with IEC regulatory recommendations and using the latest photovoltaic testing and testing equipment and technologies.