Lighting Systems

“The best light for each of your requirements.”


Survey and Characterization

The first step in scheduling an intervention is to assess the extent to which installed systems match the actual lighting needs of different types of spaces. At LGS we make this identification, quantifying the response to each space and pointing out the best solution to adopt, always observing the energy efficiency requirements of lighting systems.


The technological transition from installed systems to new LED technologies and the introduction of systems capable of incorporating smart city solutions are the main challenges facing street lighting systems today. At LGS we carry out the studies and technical projects needed to ensure these challenges are met, while presenting different financial solutions to meet the required investment volume.

intervencoes retrofit

"Retrofit" interventions

Integral replacement of reinforcement or luminaires is not always the best solution. In some cases, it is not even the most economical. At LGS we identify the best response to each case, depending on the specifics of each lighting fixture.

Consumption reduction calculation

The calculation of the reduction of electricity consumption and, consequently, of the electricity costs, constitute the basis of the decision when it is necessary to consider any investment in the replacement of lighting systems. At LGS we respond to this requirement by quantifying all the variables present.


Systems design and simulation

Proper lighting of each space is a function of the use of that space and the way its users occupy it. Using professional simulation software and regulatory recommendations on the lighting needs of each space, we design the solutions that best fit your needs.